Valentine’s Day Goes Truckin’


My dear friend, Todd Rowe, and his wife started The Cupcake Truck in New Haven, CT. I must say their vegan chocolate cupcake is so moist, yummy that if I didn’t already know Todd and how much he honors his word (and he does), I’d swear they were bs’ing me. Todd and I are actually friends from his film life but it seems his “side-hustle” is exploding.

As a special treat for their loyal clientele, Todd is doing “Exclusive Cupcake Truck Sweetheart Boxes” for VDay and asked myself and fellow artist, Tama Ordway to help with the cause. What we did was create individual pieces of artwork for the cupcake boxes. Tama’s are these beautiful precious illustrations. I went for a more Day of the Dead, Rock n Roll, “I love you but you still piss me off” inspired theme.

Auntie’s Advice: Take a drive out with the one you love (or want to leave in) New Haven.

Make sure to check their blog for their latest parking location (the truck is mobile and sometimes does private events). They are currently at College Street (between Elm & Chapel)


~ by Cybel Martin on February 13, 2009.

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