Self Publishing an Art Book (and other good stuff)


Blurb. Blurb. Blurb.

See how easy that was? I sent out an email recently called “Let’s Be Selfish” asking my friends to consider supporting self-published, self-distribution or self-promoting artists for the holidays. It was a fun email to create, I found the title “Selfish for the Holidays” entertaining (and really all I want in life is to be entertained) and if nothing else, I got to promote my fellow friends to my list of about 700 people. That’s what the Auntie Carrie site is all about.

Several artist friends asked me how I was able to self-publish my books. How it worked etc. Again, check out It’s super easy. Just for starters: you download their software. Design your book how you chose (either use their templates or create your own), add your images (300dpi) and text. Upload it to their site. And you can sell it immediately. I suggest you order a book first to make sure you like the layout, color saturation etc. The quality of the books is excellent. It takes about 2 weeks for them to create your book and ship it to you. You never have to pay for the service. You don’t have to purchase books. I believe the only thing required is that someone purchase your book in 60 days (I might be wrong on the number of days). Regardless, that’s it. You can make the book private or sell it to the public. Thanks to my mom, the first one in the family to self-publish a book, I was able to procure two ISBN numbers for my two books so I can sell them at book stores.

Easy. Easy. Easy.

Do it today.

Auntie’s Advice: Your friends are talented. Purchase gifts from them for the Holidays.

Auntie’s Other Advice: Check out Blurb.

Auntie’s Last Piece of Advice: Check out these artists: Me (duh), Daddy (aka Bob Martin), Jeanny Tsai, Monique Birault, Lynore Routte, Subatomic Sound System, Annie Yeh, and films “Live from the Hook”, “WU: The Story of Wu-Tang Clan” and “Karen Gibson Roc “Traveling with Light: Karen Gibson Roc & Fluid”. (click the first link to find each of their sites).


~ by Cybel Martin on December 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Self Publishing an Art Book (and other good stuff)”

  1. #1. Where do I find your book?
    #2. Do you just solicit your book to merchants?
    #3. Do you know that I still absolutely LOVE YOUR BLOG?

  2. @ Ms Honest CC

    You are such a delight!

    1. Currently, you can only purchase my two books on Here is the exact link:

    2. My book is for everyone. I’ve been talking to a local NYC bookstore about selling the books there as well. When that deal comes through, I will DEFINITELY post something.

    3. Like I said, you are a delight. Thank you! And your blog is in my RSS feed. I don’t always comment but I always take notes. : )

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