Travel and Laughter

South Africa

South Africa

Today I turned to two Aunties for advice on life & the economy.

I have been joking (sort of) that Americans are going to sneak across the Mexican border to find work. Does it sounds preposterous? I keep reflecting on how people made a living during the Great Depression and if the “Grapes of Wrath” can be considered historical, they traveled for work. In this “Flat World”, we are able to travel and work (either physically or via the internet) far beyond the lower 48. For example, this year I have worked in Belize, England and three times in Nigeria. Because I have no family commitments, I am grateful that I can pick up and leave.

The US economy is a mess but I am not concerned. As I was musing over what to write in this blog, I thought of how I wished I had met the actual Auntie Carrie and what her advice would be during these “trying times”. I have heard plenty of stories involving my Aunt, famous jazz singers and doberman pinschers. I also know that she came over, with a slew of other sisters (my Grandmother came over later) from St Kitts, I imagine, to find a better life in America. So yes, I guess it would be safe to say Auntie’s Advice: Travel.

However, not everyone can pick up and leave. So I will extrapolate: start looking for foreign investors and foreign clients. There will always be money, just its location will change. Spike Lee’s most recent film “Miracle at St Anna” was entirely (?) funded with foreign investors. Everyone in the film industry knows about the Anil Ambani/Spielberg deal. I am shooting a Bollywood feature in a few weeks and you know I will try to leverage that now that Bollywood is all the rage.

This past Sunday was my Aunt Ida’s 96th birthday. I just called her to wish her a happy happy and let her wonderful happy energy inspire me. What I love about my Aunt Ida is that she has traveled all over the world many times over. She is always partying it seems, has plenty of friends. She really is who I aspire to be. So although I couldn’t speak with Auntie Carrie, I could with Auntie Ida. And the first words out of her mouth – the second I said hello – was not to “spend one iota of my time worrying, being angry” – she said “just laugh”. That way you’ll love yourself and others will love you too.

Aunt Ida just had a nasty fall a few days ago. She’s a bit banged up but all things considered, she’s in excellent health. Her memory is sharp (she told me this great story about my Mom’s baptism) and her home is always filled with family and friends. What had me in hysterics is Aunt Ida said that the time it now takes her to walk 5 steps and walk back 5 is the same amount of time it used to take her to fly to one country and back. She says once she makes those 5 steps she just laughs at herself. Wonderful. Is this the secret to reaching 96 years old?

Aunties’ Advice: Travel and Laugh

ps I like to have helpful websites in my blog posts. Here are some random ones: First of all, if you don’t already, ALWAYS look for cheap tickets first with Its the only site I used and always gives me the best, no hidden fee quotes on flights. Next, I want to do a tour of Sites of the Underground Railroad. Maybe its all this talk about ancestors but it sounds like a good idea. Not listed on that site is apparently there is a Underground Railroad Historical site in Chelsea, near FIT. I am also obsessed with ghost towns. There are a bunch of sites online, this one is a decent one on alleged ghost towns in all 50 states. Lastly, if you love to travel and are a decent to excellent photographer, enter the Conde Nast Traveler Magazine competition. The big prize is your dream vacation.


~ by Cybel Martin on September 30, 2008.

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  1. Wonderful post, good to see the history online.

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