How to Contact Nancy Pelosi via Email

As mentioned before, one of my favorite aspects of having a blog is reading my statistics and what searches drive people to my site. The most popular, no surprise, are centered on partying and New York Nightlife. I get plenty of hits but I am no “Stuff White People Like”. I just don’t write that much nor do I talk about the topics du jour. If you are a blogger concerned about being a la mode and for some strange reason have not heard of Google Zeitgeist, take a look see. As of this moment, Nancy Pelosi’s email is the #8 Google search in the US. Auntie and I both hope Nancy has more pressing issues than returning your emails.

(By the by, obviously just go to Nancy’s website if you need to vent. I’m sure she’ll check them tonight.)


~ by Cybel Martin on September 30, 2008.

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