On Second Thought

I am a Cinematographer. I am a painter. I throw parties. I’ve always said that I’m a very visual person. Crafty at the email but never would I call myself a writer. Well…Sigh… It’s time for the backslash. I just finished posting to one of my 6 blogs (not all mine, I am a “contributing writer” for three of them) and really enjoyed it. This post at Film Urbane, Where Do Girls Fit in an Animated World, reminded me of the joys of “Monday Night at the Movies” aka my favorite film crit class at the University of Pennsylvania taught by Amos Vogel. It reminded me of how much I loved to write.


~ by Cybel Martin on August 5, 2008.

One Response to “On Second Thought”

  1. As one who has always appreciated the writing style, humor, intelligence with which you write, I am pleased to ready that you are remembering how gifted you are in this area. With so many areas of creativity, I can imagine that the love of writing (backed certainly by a love of reading) might have been shadowed by the visual arts. Perhaps the book manuscript will get off the shelf soon?

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