Why I Love NYC (For Art’s Sake)

Walking through NYC today was much like wading through a bowl of luke warm, New England clam chowder. Nasty. Still, I left the comforts of AC, inspired by my friend, Michelle Haimoff’s mention of a Keith Haring “exhibit downtown”. One of the greatest aspects of living in New York, is even when you spend every waking hour seeing, experiencing, hearing art, you will still miss out on some great shows. The Haring piece has been up since April and I had no idea.

To be exact: “The Keith Haring Wall on Houston and Bowery celebrates what would have been the 50th birthday of the artist who died of AIDS in 1990. On view until December 21st, 2008.”

What I loved, besides the painting’s enormity, neon colors and reminder of the exciting, subversive days of NYC art world was the plaque that accompanied it. Just to the right of the mural was a shiny ample sized plaque explaining the historical significance of the painting and of Haring. Set up just as you would see in any museum.

It got me to thinking. Many people, myself included, have been disappointed in the NYC art scene of late. I’ve called it “beige” on a number of occasions. There is a lot of excellent, yet very safe, work. My belief is that some section of a city needs to hit rock bottom financially in order to facilitate a new art movement. I am NOT eager for a return of the crack house but would love living in NYC to be more amicable for artists. The optimist in me still sees the beauty in all of this: it is all of that money hovering in Manhattan that made it possible to 1. restore Haring’s painting and 2. give it the royal treatment it deserves.

One a similar note: I joined three friends last week and took the night time Circle Line Cruise to view the waterfalls. We departed from the South Street Seaport. Watching a fireworks show first. The experience was touristy and corny and we had an absolute blast.

Auntie’s Advice: Be a tourist in your own city.


~ by Cybel Martin on July 23, 2008.

One Response to “Why I Love NYC (For Art’s Sake)”

  1. I remember walking from the tip of New York to the “other end”…China Town, lower East Side, the Bowery, Harlem, the West Side, etc…could you add some more shots of what New York City looks like now. I would appreciate a slide show. I miss New York and I am repeatedly hearing this message from others here in the golden West.

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