A Glimpse of Belize & Andy Palacio


I have to say a glimpse because I was in Belize for only one week and wasn’t even aware of the trip until two days before (not much time for researching). So, this past week, I had the pleasure and honor of working on Nyasha Liang’s documentary “Punta Rock”, about the musical culture in Belize. We went down this week because one of the musical greats of this gorgeous country, Andy Palacio had passed away. He was a young 47 and at the cusp of major international stardom. Funerals and memorials in Belize reminded me of New Orleans: lingering sadness but HUGE celebration. There was lots and lots of music. Happy, joyous music.

Although my introduction to Garifuna culture, Belizean Art and Andy is still so recent and limited, I did want to share its splendor with my readers. If you are like me and have a serious addiction to Samba, Calypso or Roots Reggae, then you’ll enjoy Andy’s music. Some other artists to look into (remember this is a glimpse, so very far from complete, just what I’ve heard so far and adored) are Garifuna Collective, Aurelio Martinez (he has charisma for days), Mr Peters & Lela Vernon.

For context: The New York Times Obituary for Andy Palacio.

Nyasha’s blog and also her website on producing “Punta Rock” (check out the trailer).

And this site I found online: “Watina: A Look Behind the Music of Andy Palacio”

Auntie’s Advice: Leave the country. It’ll do your soul some good.


Side note: I also had a chance to check out some local artists. Two of my favorites were Michael Gordon and Gilvano Swasey. A definite place to go in Belize City is Image Factory.


~ by Cybel Martin on February 2, 2008.

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