Blog Spotlight: Bag News


(and really, you should already know about this site).

Today I attended my friend’s Meetup group, New York Financial Divas. Essentially a bunch of cool ass women discussing their finances. I really wanted to attend today’s event on money & money images in the movies. Being a cinematographer (and an analytical film nerd at that), I knew I’d have lots to contribute to the conversation.

The first film we watched was “Wall Street” and my friend, Michelle (who is running this Meetup group) asked me to lead the discussion. My first words were along these lines: why I love film-making is that the medium is a way to change the way people think. A dream can last a few minutes and when you awake, you feel its effect on how you view the world. Movies are 2 hour long dreams. When created effectively, with intelligent directors, their (the director’s) view of the world will impregnate itself on your subconscious and change the way you view the world. I told our group today that they need to be very vigilant and notice the “real story” being told – not through dialogue, but through composition, lighting etc. For example, re-watching “Wall Street” made me giddy over how Oliver Stone and Robert Richardson (the DP) used color. Notice the grays, blues and blacks. And then notice when red starts to creep in. It tells you more about Oliver Stone’s view of the rich and the American dream than the characters ever could. Brilliant.

Anyway – to the blog spotlight. If you work in media, you should already know about this site. It’s Bag News Notes. An incredibly insightful, educational blog on media, photographs and the real story being told. If you are new to the site, start with this post about Dubya, his photo op and some “children left behind.”


~ by Cybel Martin on October 14, 2007.

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