Do Your Homework

At my parties, you’re not allowed the luxury of freedom of speech. There is no democracy at the House of ACSE. There are my rules or the door. (somewhat a joke. Somewhat).

However, outside the domain of my gatherings, isn’t that one of the fundamental rights of this country? I know it’s very “au courant” to slip on the freedoms of this country (remember back in the day when there was a separation of church and state?) but can’t we still allow people to say what they need to say?

So, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited Columbia University (click here for an in-depth cerebral sum of the event and some lively discourse/comments in the Huffington Post) today and plenty of people didn’t want him to speak. And I am not sure why. The immediate impact of his being in NYC on me was to do my research and read what he has done/believes etc. Isn’t that the whole point? Our lucky jobs as US citizens is suppose to be non-stop Rashomon. Hear all information, every point of view and decide what makes sense to us. I long ago gave up on the network’s nightly news. NBC is by far my favorite only because I like the opening theme music. I watch CBS if I want to cheer on Katie (which is rare) or I’ll watch ABC if I am too lazy to change the station after Oprah.

The only reason I know as much as I do about politics, the world and humanity is I read, research, listen and debate. Mahmoud could insist that the Holocaust did not happen until he was blue in the face, and you know what? I’d still believe that it did happen.

Auntie’s Advice: Speak easy. Listen and learn hard.


~ by Cybel Martin on September 24, 2007.

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