Perspective is Everything


A friend, who is a producer at PBS, emailed me about BET’s “Read a Book” animated cartoon and I was so immediately incensed, I was ready to burn something down. One of my other blogs, The Arsonist, is where I usually rant and threaten, but we’ve been having technical difficulties over there. Auntie Carrie is the kinder, gentler but still hustling me.

So, anyway, I saw this cartoon and was livid that BET and The New York Times (their ignorance was especially disappointing) would defend this cartoon as satire. And all I could ask (seconded by my PBS friend) what part of childhood development do you not understand? What children will remember about this video is not to buy real estate and brush their teeth. They’ll remember the guns and the bootie shaking. Especially since it is on BET. Morons. There is a reason “South Park” comes on after 10pm.

I just emailed my friend Monica Hooks, who is about the savviest of marketing/branding people that I know to ask for her take. And I quote:
“Brilliant. I read about this last week. Thank you for being on top of your game and forwarding to me. I had not watched it. Long story short – it pushes several buttons and pushing buttons opens dialogue. My new rule for 2007 – 2008 is “push as many buttons a possible.” m.”

Her statement got me thinking. Nothing I hate more than to receive emails from friends angry about something without them also stating what they plan to do about it. So, yes, this will certainly open dialogue and for any black/female filmmaker out there who is aghast, the gauntlet has been thrown. Do something or shut up.

Auntie’s Advice: You have friends. Hopefully you respect them. Hear their perspective, it might be an opportunity for you to grow.

Auntie’s Advice Bonus: If you don’t respect your friend’s perspective, dump them right now.


~ by Cybel Martin on September 6, 2007.

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