Why I Love NY…or Danny Meyer is a God


I had an – uh – interesting day. I had just spent a few hours with a group of people invested in mindless celebrity gossip while simultaneously complaining about their own lives. This idle chit chat slithered on me like some syrup attracting flies. And I needed a shower. I needed some good energy.

On my walk home, I silently wished to run into some positive uplifting friends. It was roughly 10pm and I cut through Madison Square Park. When I first moved into this neighborhood, I feared for my safety crossing through this park during the day (no exaggeration) but now, thanks to Danny, I can enjoy crispy fries, a milkshake and watch fireflies at night.

So, this evening, ten-ish, as I neared the far exit of the park, I see a huge – roughly ten foot – television screen broadcasting the US Open. There are about 80 people lounging on bleachers, on the ground or in beach chairs watching the game. I was in heaven.

I caught the end of the Djokovic match. Whenever he won a point, about 6 people would cheer with extra enthusiasm. I think they were also Serbs. They sat where there is normally a fountain in the park. And listening to my fellow watchers conversations, I was delighted to hear everyone was as much of an opinionated sports commentator tennis aficionado, as myself.

One can get really spoiled in New York.


~ by Cybel Martin on September 3, 2007.

One Response to “Why I Love NY…or Danny Meyer is a God”

  1. Freakin’ awesome. Thats why I want to live in New York. Lucky duck!

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