A Funny Thing Happened…


…on the way to the Dried Fruit & Trail Mix Aisle at Trader Joe’s. I ran into an old friend who I absolutely adore but have not seen in eons. Since having children, he has disappeared. I grabbed this precious time to catch up and lo & behold, another friend of his who hasn’t seen him in eons, showed up. She too took this opportunity to connect, and no surprise, she and I got along swimmingly as well. The three of us ended up chatting, laughing and carrying-on for about 45 minutes. Her name is Joanne Dugan and she is a very hip, cool and talented chick (would I mention any other kind?). Anyway, she has two children’s books out and I strongly advise everyone pick up a copy. On a similar note, my sister from another mother just gave birth to the most perfect of children. Another friend had the PERFECT idea to have a book baby shower for her. The only accepted gift was a book. Brilliant idea. Wonderful ice breaker and opportunity for nostalgia. As a wonderful coincidence, one of the guests gave Joanne’s book, “ABC NYC: A Book About Seeing New York City.”

Auntie’s Advice: The friend of your friend is your friend.


~ by Cybel Martin on May 9, 2007.

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