Why I Will Always Love NY


This past Saturday, April 28th, a beautiful day, I did what I always do when not socializing or working on a gorgeous warm day. I headed to Madison Square Park with several books in hand. I found my favorite little nook that gets plenty of sun. As I began book #1 (“The Emperor’s Children. Very good), I felt a rumbling. As the minutes passed, first some, then hundreds and then clearly thousands of people began to fill the park. Little did I know that today was also the Sikh New Year.

So why do I love New York? Because even though I am a native NYer and clearly see this as my city, at a moment’s notice, it becomes someone else’s city. Very little English was spoken. Very few white people in the park. And (my favorite) everyone was wearing the most gorgeous colorful saris. With the exception of the tulips, New York never sees this much color. It dazzled the eyes.

And to top it off, some guy happened to chose this day for his birthday scavenger hunt, so periodically, my book reading was interrupted by various people asking me if I knew anything about this statue, that building or if they could borrow a pen.

AND…(it really was a fun day).

One fantastic older woman decided to sit by me in order to make room for the throngs of Sikh families. She and I struck up a conversation. Come to find out, she used to be Miles Davis’ girlfriend, has another very famous ex-husband and almost as well known sons. You know me, I don’t name names, but what a classic New York moment. Actually what is so classic is before we began talking, she offered me an organic Poptart. Blueberry.

Hours later, she and I chatted up a photographer who has a studio in SoHo. He was hilarious. The scavenger hunt kids returned hours later. Some of my suggestions were on target. Most of the monuments in my neighborhood I had never known of. They were eager to share their new knowledge. I saw one Sikh family give those kids their remaining food. Lots of yummy chutneys, chickpeas, samosas. Incredible.


~ by Cybel Martin on May 2, 2007.

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