Champagne Punch Made Easy


Yesterday was the baby shower for my honorary sister. My contribution to the event was to make a Champagne Sangria. Naturally, it was a hit. It took a bit of work to find a recipe online so I made up my own concoction. Try it at your next brunch party, garden party, birthday party or shower.

FYI: We had about 45 people at our event. The measurements are not exact, but close. Adjust for your own taste and alcoholic needs.


3lbs – strawberries
8 – Mangoes
4 – Bottles of Cava (or Champagne)
750ml – Vodka
750ml – Triple Sec
2 Liters – Club Soda
1 Qtr – Pulp free Orange Juice
2 – Large Oranges for garnish

The night before the party, I chopped up all of the fruit into small bite size chunks. I then pureed about 1/3 of the fruit and added the puree back into a large bowl. I added all of the Vodka and about half of the Triple Sec. (Do this the night before so the fruit will be saturated in liquor).

The next day, I transfered half of the fruit mixture to our punch bowl (and saved the second half in the frig for the next batch), added 2 bottles of Cava. Since this was a baby shower complete with Great Aunts and Uncles (and not a “I love you, man” rager), I cut the punch with a bottle of Club Soda and 1/2 of the Orange Juice. Lastly, I placed paper thin slices of the oranges on top.

It was super simple, looked gorgeous and tasted like Spring.



~ by Cybel Martin on April 16, 2007.

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