It’s 11am. Time for Cocktails.


My old post “Let’s Do Brunch” is so popular and tells me that I am truly not alone in my quest for all things leisure and sumptuous. To my Brunch brothers and sisters, we all know the ambiance is as important as the food. And as my favorite Jack Lamb quote goes, the host is as important as the roast (or something like that). Next time you have a brunch party, I implore you to dabble into your affected side and be inspired by Lemeul Benedict, creator of Eggs Benedict.

Sample from New York Times article:

“By all accounts, Lemuel Benedict was a dashing ladies’ man, typically outfitted in fine dark suits and high white collars. The New York Stock Exchange archive has a caricature depicting him as a slick purveyor of Wall Street gossip. His name appeared often in newspaper society columns, and he had a reputation for leaving huge tips in New York’s finest restaurants. When attending football games at Princeton, where his nephew Coleman Benedict was a student, “Uncle Lem” drew attention by donning a raccoon-skin coat and carrying a cane that contained a liquor flask.

Although Lemuel Benedict had a hangover that morning in 1894, the New Yorker article recounted, he didn’t shy away from breakfast.”

Isn’t that just divine!


~ by Cybel Martin on April 9, 2007.

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