Something to Chew On


I had a wonderful conversation with my father this weekend about my idol, Richard Branson. Originally we were talking about how I could get producers and financing for my documentary and “what would Branson do”. Dad’s observation, that I wanted to pass on to my readers, was that people always say “think outside the box”, but if you look at Richard Branson’s actions, its as if he doesn’t even know that a box exists. Dad also has this book that he loves, called “The Answer to How is Yes”. I haven’t read it yet, but my take-away is the same.

Auntie’s Advice: You are at point A. You want to get to Point B. Who cares how? You are at Cafe Odeon. You want to get to a house party & BBQ at 145 Street and St Nicholas Avenue . You can take the A Train. You can split a cab. You could walk. You could rollerblade. Use whatever resources you have to get there. Who cares how?


~ by Cybel Martin on March 26, 2007.

One Response to “Something to Chew On”

  1. Branson is my idol also

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