Required Reading: Losing My Virginity


I am currently reading “Losing My Virginity (How I’ve Survived, Had Fun and Made a Fortune While Doing Business My Way)” by Richard Branson. What an inspiration! I love this for the same reason I love the Google Story. We are inundated with examples, rules, advice columns, experts who want us to color inside the lines (read: write business plans, have a board, do focus groups, get another degree). While reading this book, I realized that all of that stuff dampens my fire. I bet I will make much more money, throw plenty more parties and travel a hellalot more if I follow his mantra, “Oh screw it. Let’s do it”.

You can read the first chapter on the Virgin website.

I’ll post this in Fed Artist as well. His joie de vivre is certainly in line with Auntie Carrie’s Speak Easy. However, I think it would be a great benefit to freelance artist as well. I had a conversation recently with an incredibly talented painter who insisted that he needed to be represented by an established gallery before he could make a fortune with his art. Waiting for Mary Boone to knock on your door is coloring in the lines. Opening up your own studio space, throwing big parties, expanding into film and magazines is changing the lines. In fact – its Andy Warhol.

Auntie’s Advice: Surround yourself with rabblerousers or read their biographies. And let their light guide you to the next party.

Side note: Did you know Richard Branson started his first charity at age 17?


~ by Cybel Martin on March 18, 2007.

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