NY Cares


New Yorkers get a bad rap. Non-New Yorkers think we’re a bunch of blase, rude and angry people. This morning, it was 14 degrees. Very windy. Snowy. And I went to the Manhattan Ballroom at 9am to wait in line OUTSIDE with over 1,000 other New Yorkers who were trying out for Oprah’s new reality tv show “The Big Give”. My reason for being there was simple. I was sitting at home last week, chewing on how to raise funds for Fed Artists and the commercial for Oprah’s new show came on. And I thought, that I can do! Who better than Oprah to teach me how to be a Philanthropist. So I waited outside for 2 1/2 hours and laughed and laughed. No surprise that everyone else on line was fascinating and entertaining. I made friends. One guy is an Opera singer. Another woman teaches Lacrosse (at my high school!), has four companies and won the World Cup. Good hearts everyone. There were women in 3 inch heels and fur. A blind woman. Old and young. Ghetto fabulous w/bling in their teeth. Students. I got inside around 1130am and finally left the audition room at 745pm. And there were still people waiting to be seen. And you know what we all had in common?

We were New Yorkers, mother fucker.


~ by Cybel Martin on March 8, 2007.

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