My Radical Idea


Yesterday, I did something completely radical. Call it anarchy.

Everyone knows that I love email. I had to send a letter to Google that yes, the 800 email addresses were my friends. (Google temporary froze my email account when I sent my Silent Auction email notice to all of my contacts. Any email going to more than 500 people is flagged as spam). Where would I be without the comfort and ease of email? I joke that I’ll do my wedding vows via text message.

So what was my crazy zany kooky idea? I wanted to check in on one of my clients who is also a good friend. Instead of emailing him, I called and asked “tell me some good news”. He asked if I needed it, as in was I having a bad day? Quite the contrary, I was having a terrific day and wanted to hear the voices of my friends. After he shared some good news, I let him get back to work. I proceeded to call about 15 other friends. Most calls lasted 5 minutes. Just to say hi. Just to hear their voices. Just to share in the delight of it being Wednesday. It was wonderful. One friend said, “that was great. I’m going to call someone”.

Auntie’s Advice: Be inspired by Stevie Wonder, “I just called to say I love you”.

Actually, come to think of it. This reminds me of my radical idea I had two years ago. I wrote a 4 page letter to every friend who was not living in NYC. It was exhausting but worth it, especially hearing how delighted (shocked) people were to receive something fun in the mail. So, if you prefer: Be inspired by Stevie Wonder, “Signed sealed delivered, I’m yours”.


~ by Cybel Martin on March 1, 2007.

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