Why You Should Work for Yourself

There was a commercial that ran during the Super Bowl for Career Builders.com. None of my friends liked it or cared for it. One of my friends, who just got accepted into the Harvard MBA program reminded me “we are not their target audience”. She is right. When I do a quick sweep of my close friends, interestingly enough, most either work for themselves, freelance or run a department of a bigger company. Sort of a small business owner attached to a bigger firm. As mentioned in an earlier post, Born to Hustle, I am amazed more people don’t work for themselves. I found this very interesting blog post about scams targeting job hunters. If you insist on getting a “jobby job”, I suggest you read this post before you do.
Auntie’s Advice is a no brainer: Always have a side hustle.


~ by Cybel Martin on February 7, 2007.

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