Whose Music Is It Anyway?


In an effort to increase their membership base, AARP (one of the strongest lobbying organizations) decreased the minimum age for membership in order to grab all of those Baby Boomers far before they hit 65. Fine. But what I dislike is their appropriating my culture. My parents are AARP. I am not. “Everybody’s Happy Nowadays” by the Buzzcocks is more my song. Definitely not my parents. Yet, it has been co-opted in the latest AARP commercial.

I understand when we reference back to an older generation for artistic inspiration. That’s what this blog is about. However, I am a bit irritated by recent commercials linking my music with products targeted at a much older generation. For starters, ElderPlan using the song “Still the One”.

Ah I’m ranting. But why do Boomers have to steal everything?


~ by Cybel Martin on January 28, 2007.

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