Born to Hustle


When I was about 11 years old, I bought colorful blank cards/envelopes and decorated them with stickers and sold them for a profit. I included my two best friends and we formed a company. When we (I) are young, everyone seems so supportive of our entrepreneurial designs. Sure. Have a bake sale. Make lemon-ade. Create a raffle contest. Why is it as soon as college time looms, we are told to “get a real job”. As in 9-5 job. Why is that? When most millionaires started their own companies, have more vacation time and more equity. This past Tuesday, I taught a class on the Business Side of Filmmaking to a lovely group of teens who are part of the Ghetto Film School. What a joy. I hammered home the importance of Passive Income. Making money while you sleep. There is a terrific article in the New York Times about young Tycoons. I am thrilled for them. Inspired.

Auntie’s Advice? Keep doing whatcha doing. I know everyone who reads this is focused on passive income. That, our friends, is the definition of hustling.


~ by Cybel Martin on January 25, 2007.

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  1. […] while back, I wrote about kid entrepreneurs and how, when we are young, we arrange bake sales, organize fundraisers, make money selling […]

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