Correction: Life is A Bunch of Sauted Portobello Mushrooms

Forget what you’ve been told about a bowl of cherries or a box of chocolates. I just figured out the meaning of life. Portobello Mushrooms. The perfect analogy.

Tonight I decided to make a portobello mushroom sandwich w/gruyere cheese and cherry tomatoes. I got out my frying pan, added some extra virgin olive oil and garlic. Dumped in my mushrooms and turned up the heat. I added some Herb de Provence. First the mushrooms got warm. The olive oil spread and got soaked up into the mushrooms. And just as quickly, it seemed as if I had never even but in oil. The mushrooms were dry. The oil had disappeared. And it seemed like not a darn thing was ever going to happen. Ever.

I kept stirring. Waiting. And nothing happened.

And then, whoa – the mushrooms began to give in. They got soft, tender & yummy. While I was watching their progess, I was amused by the above analogy. I know every time I cook mushrooms that I must give them all of my attention, wait for them to play hard to get, to avoid me and just when it seems like too much time has passed – poof – yumminess.

I wish I could remember everything in life is like that. It eventually resolves itself perfectly. And that ridiculous long wait of nothingness is just part of the adventure.


~ by Cybel Martin on January 13, 2007.

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