Hottest Jewels in Nolita


Many many moons ago, I shot a project for a new artist at Sony Music. One of the highlights of that experience was meeting the stylist, Lynore Routte. For someone who rarely hangs out or inundates us with emails, she is still impossible to ignore. Once you see her jewelry designs, the desire to own as many as possible is ingrained in your psyche. Like potato chips. I can’t have just one. I’m pleased to find out that her glorious creations can now be found at Kit 228, located at 228 Elizabeth St in Manhattan. Check out her myspace for a sample of her work. (And check out Ms. Devine’s lovely sound while you’re at it).


~ by Cybel Martin on December 4, 2006.

One Response to “Hottest Jewels in Nolita”

  1. […] while back, I wrote a post called “The Hottest Jewels in Nolita”. It always pops up in my most popular posts. The fabulous Lynore Routte is no longer at KIT 228, […]

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