My BCC Dilemna

This is has been a problem for me for some time. As many people know, I throw 4 to 6 parties/events per year. I get great joy out of connecting friends and amassing a cool eccentric collection of people for each event. I notice what gets people in the door and what doesn’t. One thing that is given me a loyal following is it is not unusual for my friend to find his cousin who he hasn’t seen in twenty years at my party (yes this happened) or another friend to meet a TV programmer she has been emailing for weeks. (yep. This happened too). I’m their “2 Degrees”.

So anyway – my dilemna: several years ago, I sent out an email invitation for a film screening I was having. An acquantance on my email list then blasted everyone (all 400 people) with a notice about his upcoming theater show. I was appalled. I immediately emailed everyone to apologize and have been BCC’ing ever since. The problems with BCC: many of these emails immediately go into people’s junkmail, some friends are offended by the impersonal nature and lastly, they have no idea who else is invited. Obviously, I think a great deal on party throwing, because this irritates me. I know if I had a way for people to know who was coming, I could up the number of attendees. They would see the email and think “I didn’t know they were friends. I hope he/she shows…” More attendees means more love and money to the various places that host my parties for free and more chances that my friends will find the best friend they didn’t know they were missing.

And yes, Evite has solved this problem, but I dislike their system. I dislike their format, their design and layout. I think my emails look cooler, have better graphics and more people respond to events when the details are succintly posted directly in an email as opposed to having to click a url link in an email, be directed to the Evite site in order to recall the location, time or date of the event.

I hate writing a post without a “take-away”, but I am at a loss. I bet Google could come up with a plan to cure my BCC problem. Maybe I should.


~ by Cybel Martin on November 14, 2006.

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