Fifth Year

Today is the fifth year anniversary. My way of honoring that day is to have a sumptuous dinner party with my closest friends. Five years ago, I sort of slipped mentally. Although I didn’t lose anyone, it was really challenging for me to function. It was almost as if an email went around… Each day after the tradegy, a friend would show up randomly at my door. The email must have read something like “Everyone must sign up for a day of ‘watch over and entertain Cybel’. Double shifts are acceptable. Make sure she has food, liquor and a movie at all times” I think each friend paid for everything…the memories of that time are all a blur. Regardless, today is my “give thanks to my friends day”. I hope other people chose ways that fit them to honor 9/11. I cringe at the thought that years from now we will have the September 11th Parade down Fifth Avenue or the “Macy’s 911 Freedom Sale! 20% off select merchandise”.


~ by Cybel Martin on September 11, 2006.

One Response to “Fifth Year”

  1. Sorry to say, it looks like we are heading towards a new day off to shop. Example, I don’t think many people know who MLK was and think that JFK is an airport.

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