It’s Nice To Meet You

This is the gentler post of my “Networking Made Easy” on the Arsonist. I think the subject matter of Online Networking Communities is worth exploring. I am known by my friends as a Connector. This, of course, refers to Malcolm Gladwell’s incredible book The Tipping Point. I like that people call me looking for references (Do I know a caterer who specializes in Nordic Food. Yes. How ’bout a belly dancer instructor? Sure). And these are references whom I know personally or within one degree of separation. I pride myself on my networking/connecting capabilities. One of my best friend’s hushand has called me twice with some random people search and won’t let me off the phone until I can think of someone. Very smart of him. Its actually my friend’s husband who turned me onto Linkedin.

My list of networking communities runs as such: 6 Degrees, Friendster, Dogster, Linkedin, Ryze, MySpace, Tribe, TribeHollywood. They must provide value or they would have disappeared long ago. If you haven’t create a true job opportunity out of one of these sites in the last month, I strongly suggest you examine your methods. Chances are if you are charming online, you can be equally charming in person. Go to a party, a BBQ, the park. If charm & networking isn’t your skill set, it probably won’t work in any venue. If that is the case, I suggest you request the services of your nearest true Connector. Make it a business proposal. Ask that they connect you to people, invite you to more parties, coach you on how to related and in exchange, you can offer them your services. And we all have services. Maybe they are Mavens or Salespeople (again a Gladwell reference). I have been paid back generously by my friends with research, day trips to upstate, play time with their dogs, free advertising, concert tickets…


~ by Cybel Martin on August 9, 2006.

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