Night and Day

While Auntie stayed in NYC to rest her feet and prepare for “the greatest day on Earth!” (echo. echo), I went down south to Delray Beach for a film shoot. We shot Danny Beirne at the Michelangelo Authentic Piano Bar Art Gallery (what a mouth full!). And it reminded me of advice that I wish I took more often when back home, in NYC: the random bar/club will often provide the best one of a kind experience. Sometimes we are so focused on being hip, being at “the spot” before it becomes “the spot” that we miss out on little gems. Karena, the charming owner of Michelangelo’s made me the best Vincent Van Gogh (Dark Espresso Vodka) martini. And Danny did a rendition of “Night and Day” that I swear, was the best I have ever heard.

Side note: since Ketel One has refused to sponsor several of my parties, for various “reasons”, I am terminating my loyalty.


~ by Cybel Martin on May 30, 2006.

One Response to “Night and Day”

  1. No more Ketel One? An era has ended, and the obvious question is:

    Where has your liquor loyalty landed?

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