You Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round

I am so excited! Auntie and I were invited to our first BBQ of the season. Its being thrown by a dear friend who always asks for my party throwing advice. (As you know, I am never short on thoughts and suggestions.) One that I want to share with all of y’all: encourage & enroll your friends into being co-party throwers of sorts. Let me give you an example: there will be a particular vivacious and cool person at this BBQ. I see her there every year, ALWAYS with a hula-hoop. Each year, she convinces everyone to take their turn turning. And what does this simple silly request do? It creates tradition. It creates family. It creates anticipation (“is the hula-hoop girl gonna be there this year?”). Your best bet to having a successful party is to let your friend’s light shine too.


~ by Cybel Martin on May 22, 2006.

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