Consider yourself warned

Over ten years ago, I lived in France. At the time I spoke luscious fluent French. However, over time, I have reduced to a few pertinent words that I mutter to myself now and then. One word is “Mefiez” which means “beware”. When I think of this word, it is more like a warning you would give that proverbial moth going towards said flame. You know there is something that you want (really want) but beware.

To all of you who have dear friends who are bartenders, “Mefiez!”. Last week, I went to a hotel bar to catch up with a friend, who is one of the coolest, chic black women you will EVER come across. She is a bartender. I figured since it was a Thursday, around 7pm, it would be a slow shift for her and we could catch up.

Cut to: five drinks later, I roll home. She blames the full moon or the warm weather. Regardless, it is proof that you can have that spectacular movie-perfect social event anywhere, anytime. What matters is that you have the right friend with the right attitude with you. Just beware if she happens to also be a bartender.


~ by Cybel Martin on January 18, 2006.

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