The Biggest Event of the Holiday Season

I just saw a commercial for an upcoming episode of the Dr. Phil show. He will have such notable talent as Scott Hamilton, Carrie Underwood, Donald Trump, Terri Hatcher and Smashmouth. The promo wraps with the exclamation “The Biggest Event of the Holiday Season”. Hmm. Ok. If I could, I would arch up only one eyebrow. (Alas, my only odd bodily gift is I can wiggle one ear.)
Anyway. I love advertising, promotion, marketing…tooting one’s horn. But they have to be kidding. Right? At what point does a superlative become false advertising and worthy of prosecution?
Speaking of “The Donald”, I am reading “The Trumps” by Gwenda Blair. It is an exception book, especially if you have an interest in Urban Development and Public Policy. It follows three generations of Trumps and their real estate dealings and provides an excellent historical context.

I am in the last third and am amused by Donald’s marketing strategy. When he built the Grand Hyatt hotel, he claimed that it had the biggest hotel lobby, although it did not. To add cache to Trump Towers, he said it was the “world’s tallest concrete structure”, although a little research would tell you that it was 150 feet shorter than Chicago’s Water Tower. AND as he did with the Hyatt, he called the 59th floor the 68th floor.


I am the greatest Cinematographer to ever grace the planet.

I am the most revered and critically acclaimed painter since Picasso.

I hope everyone stocked up on food, water and salt. Tomorrow is suppose to be “The Storm of the Century”.


~ by Cybel Martin on December 8, 2005.

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