This is serious

I am allergic to R&B. Its like a peanut butter or shellfish allergy. Instantaneous, sharp and potentially fatal. To be clear: I mean R&B after 1991. From SWV to R Kelly. Jill Scott and her kind don’t count. Amel Larrieux’s last album was beautiful and very much overlooked. I am talking about that dribble that clogs the air waves.

I bought Sirius stock many years ago. It hasn’t done much but I think its time that I jumped in and got satellite radio. God bless my iPod. It’s like my IV, an emotional regulator. But I also need to be infused with new music. When radio is good, it is very good. There’s some excellent new hip-hop out, but only three songs are in rotation. I catch the others at APT or listening to the radio at 5 in the morning.

I hate when the dj says “and this one is for the ladies” and puts on some slow jam. I hate that nonsense. Ladies like to boom it in our, boom it in our, boom it in our jeep too.


~ by Cybel Martin on December 5, 2005.

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