Jump Start Your Funk

Anyone who knows me and has had a dinner party, house party etc knows how hard it is for me to be fashionably late. I circle the neighborhood, check in to bookstores and still arrive early, often before the host.

Last night, I went to Jump n’ Funk at SOB’s for a dear friend’s bday party. Capers and good times were certain. I got there late (for me). About 10:45. But acknowledged the reality. My friends would not be rolling in for hours.

So what to do? Make phone calls? Get a slice? It was just me. None of my friends came early. SOB’s was sparse. Cavernous. Think High School dance. The lights were still on.

But the music was god-sent. My best idea in years & advice to you: Be a soldier of one. Start the party early.

I got my Ketel One. Shed the rain coat and danced. Not a slight shuffle, but the full on. I wasn’t alone. There was this one guy, I think Middle Eastern, who was clearly family. We put him from Egypt, but regardless, he had moves for days. It reminded me of my time in Parisian nightclubs. After hours of Italian disco, the DJ would throw down a James Brown single, and suddenly you were dancing like never before. Like your life depended on it. Like you’d never get that chance again.

If I were to leave at that moment and miss my friends, I could still safely say that I had a ridiculous fun time. Next time you’re out waiting on friends, don’t wait, make it an event.

Side note: Rich Medina was wearing his Connecting the Dots t-shirt. Rule #1: PROMOTE YOUR S–T, PEOPLE! No one will ever care more about your career than you.


~ by Cybel Martin on November 30, 2005.

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